CNRS Research Fellow


I am CNRS Researcher at the Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée, Sciences Po. A Political Scientist, my research interests are broadly in comparative political economy, with an emphasis on regulatory politics, corporate influence in policy-making, and on the politics of depoliticization. I have also an interest in political methodology, particularly in mixed-methods and Bayesian statistics.

I am currently working on two main projects. The first examines how a series of European Union policies and regulations shape industrial organization in the insurance sector, particularly for firms operating in the areas of healthcare and occupational welfare. A second project studies legislative control and oversight of regulatory agencies in France and the United Kingdom, and the motives of legislators in exerting such control.

A  regularly updated list of my publications might be found here.

To contact me, please write an email at cyril{dot}benoit1{at}sciencespo{dot}fr

Recent and upcoming events

  • Faculty Seminar @ Sciences Po, February 27, 2020, `Conceptual Power and Regulation’
  • Faculty Seminar, `Grandes controverses épistémologiques et méthodologiques’ @ Sciences Po/CERI, November 2019
  • Department of Social Policy Seminar @ University of Oxford, November 2019, `Private Health Insurance and the European Union’
  • Maison Française d’Oxford Seminar @ University of Oxford, October 2019, ‘Brexit and the declining appeal of valence politics’
  • On leave (Fall 2019) @ University of Oxford, Nuffield College
  • AFSP Conference @ Sciences Po Bordeaux, July 2019, `Sur l’intelligibilité rétrospective du Brexit’ (avec Colin Hay)
  • European Graduate Network Conference @ London School of Economics, April 2019
  • Faculty Seminar `Sociologie Politique de l’Europe’ @ Université de Strasbourg, December 2018, `Les mutuelles de santé face aux politiques européennes’
  • On leave (Fall 2018) @ Hoover Institution at Stanford University
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