CNRS Research Fellow


Cyril Benoît

I am CNRS Researcher at the Centre for European studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po. My research interests are broadly in comparative and international political economy, with an emphasis on regulatory politics, corporate influence in policy-making, and legislative-administrative relations. I have also an interest in political methodology. 

A regularly updated list of my publications might be found here.

To contact me, please write an email at cyril{dot}benoit1{at}sciencespo{dot}fr

Recent and upcoming events

  • CEE General Seminar @ Sciences Po, November 3, Discussant of Benjamin Braun, `Polanyi in Frankfurt: Supranational money and national disembedding of labor?’
  • Chaire PaRi Seminar on Zoom, September 8, 2020, Régulation, Incertitudes et Accès au marché des médicaments orphelins’
  • Faculty Seminar @ Sciences Po, February 27, 2020, `Conceptual Power and Regulation’
  • Faculty Seminar, `Grandes controverses épistémologiques et méthodologiques’ @ Sciences Po/CERI, November 2019
  • Department of Social Policy Seminar @ University of Oxford, November 2019, `Private Health Insurance and the European Union’
  • Maison Française d’Oxford Seminar @ University of Oxford, October 2019, ‘Brexit and the declining appeal of valence politics’
  • On leave (Fall 2019) @ University of Oxford, Nuffield College
  • AFSP Conference @ Sciences Po Bordeaux, July 2019, `Sur l’intelligibilité rétrospective du Brexit’ (avec Colin Hay)
  • European Graduate Network Conference @ London School of Economics, April 2019
  • Faculty Seminar `Sociologie Politique de l’Europe’ @ Université de Strasbourg, December 2018, `Les mutuelles de santé face aux politiques européennes’
  • On leave (Fall 2018) @ Hoover Institution at Stanford University
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