CNRS Research Fellow
Cyril Benoît

I am CNRS Research Fellow at Sciences Po Paris, Centre d’études européennes (CEE).
As a Political Scientist, I study how public policy and regulation shape economic activity in various sectors, with a focus on private Welfare and pharmaceuticals. 
My other research projects encompass legislative studies and the statistical analysis of roll call data.
In 2018-2019, I will be Visiting Scholar at Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
To contact me, please write an email at cyril{dot}benoit1{at}sciencespo{dot}fr  

Recent Publications

Rival Institutional Dependencies on Pharmaceutical Regulation: A Bayesian Process Tracing Analysis  (French version forthcoming at Revue française de science politique) [Paper]

Gouverner (par) les prix. La fixation des prix des médicaments remboursés en France (with Etienne Nouguez) (Revue française de Sociologie, 58:3, 399-424) [Paper]

Le pouvoir de régulation transnational d’une agence nationale (Gouvernement et action publique, 7:1, 9-32) [Paper]

Health Technology Assessment: The Scientific Career of A Policy Concept (with Philippe Gorry) (International Journal of Technology Assessment in Healthcare, 33:1, 128-134) [Paper] [Supplementary Materials]

Working papers

How Does Regulation Affect Beliefs? The case of Stock Market Valuation of Orphan Drug Regulatory Approvals (with Philippe Gorry and Martin Zumpe) [Paper] [Appendix]

Etudier l’activité parlementaire en l’absence de données de votes individuels [Paper]

Private Health Insurance in France: Marketization Embraced? (with Gaël Coron) [Paper]

Assessing Principal-Agent and Institutional Theories in context [Paper]

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