CNRS Research Fellow


I am CNRS Researcher at the Centre for European studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po. My research interests are broadly in comparative and international political economy, with an emphasis on regulatory politics, business power, and legislative-administrative relations. I have also an interest in political methodology. 

A regularly updated list of my publications might be found here.

To contact me, please write an email at cyril{dot}benoit1{at}sciencespo{dot}fr

Recent and upcoming events

  • SASE @ Amsterdam, July 10, `A Tale of Polarization: The Partial Marketization of Regulated Savings in France’ (with Elsa Massoc)
  • AFSP @ Lille, July 7, `Pouvoir Institutionnel et dépendance aux acteurs privés dans l’assurance santé en Belgique et en France’
  • 7th Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments @ Paris, June 30-July 2 (Organizing committee)
  • EconomiX @ Université Paris Nanterre, May 12, `Le contrôle parlementaire des régulateurs indépendants’ 
  • National Library of Lithuania @ Vilnius, November 23-24, `Some reflections on Legislative-Administrative relations in Contemporary European Democracies’
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