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I am a CNRS Research Fellow at Sciences Po (Paris). Click here to download my CV. A (regularly updated) list of my publications may be found here.

A Political Scientist by training, I specialize in Comparative Political Economy, Public Policy and Legislative Studies. I have also an interest in research methodology, particularly in Bayesian statistics and mixed-methods research designs.

My initial research focus was the politics of economic regulation, particularly of health and insurance products. My dissertation (which I am currently turning into a book) focused on pharmaceutical regulation in France and England (1984-2014). It examined the way large companies in this sector confront regulatory challenges and how their activities are ultimately shaped by regulatory power. Findings from this work were then extended to the study of the market of `orphan’ drugs in Europe and the US, and how the development of this particular category of products reshaped the relation between the finance and pharmaceutical industries.
Since 2018, I work on the influence of the European Union directives and regulations on the insurance industry, particularly in the various fields of private Welfare (healthcare, occupational benefits and to a lesser extent, pensions).

I have also worked in the field of legislative studies. Since 2017, I am developing a Bayesian structural model allowing for studying roll-call votes in the absence of a complete voting record. I am also preparing, together with my colleague Olivier Rozenberg, a Handbook of Parliamentary Studies reuniting various disciplinary contributions on parliaments and legislatures.

In January 2020, I will start a new research project on legislative oversight of independent regulatory agencies in France and England, funded by Sciences Po Scientific Advisory Board (2020-22). Through this project, I intend to gather my two initial research focuses by studying the renewed relationships between political, economic and administrative spheres induced by the reform of the State over the last twenty years.

To contact me, please write an email at cyril{dot}benoit1{at}sciencespo{dot}fr 

Recent and upcoming presentations

  • Faculty Seminar @ Sciences Po, February 27 2020, `The New Politics of Economic Regulation’
  • Séminaire `Grandes controverses épistémologiques et méthodologiques’ @ Sciences Po/CERI, December 2019
  • Department of Social Policy Seminar @ University of Oxford, November 7 2019, `Private Health Insurance and the European Union’
  • Maison Française d’Oxford Seminar @ University of Oxford, October 30 2019, ‘Brexit and the Declining Appeal of Valence Politics’
  • ON LEAVE (Fall 2019) @ University of Oxford, Department of Politics and International Relations
  • Congrès de l’AFSP 2019 @ Sciences Po Bordeaux, July 2019, `Sur l’intelligibilité des événements critiques’ (avec Colin Hay)
  • Congrès de l’AFSP 2019 @ Sciences Po Bordeaux, July 2019, Organisation de la ST `Les troisièmes voies en politique’ (avec Hugo Canihac)
  • European Graduate Network Conference @ London School of Economics, April 2019, Discussant
  • Séminaire `Sociologie Politique de l’Europe’ @ Université de Strasbourg, December 2018, `Les mutuelles de santé face aux politiques européennes’
  • ON LEAVE (Fall 2018) @ Hoover Institution at Stanford University
Cyril Benoît
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